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MARRIED: Mitch + Brandi


Lead Photographer: Jen Fiereck / 2nd Photographer: Andrea Kelly / Assistant: Alyssa Rafala
New Hope ChurchReception Venue: St. Joseph’s Polish Society
Florist: Stylish BloomsBridal Gown: David’s BridalBridal Wrap: Anthropologie
Caterer: Chester’s BBQ (which was uhhh-mazing, btw)
Programs/Centerpieces/Decor: all done DIY by the bride
Portrait Locations: New Hope Church; Salmon River State Forest; East Hampton Old Home Days Fair

So, this is a pretty awesome post. For those of you that don’t know, Brandi (the bride in this post), has literally been my right hand with the business since she started as an intern in 2010. We have been through so much together from a work standpoint and on a personal level…some sad, some bad, some stressful, but a ton of fun, awesome and unforgettable moments. As you can imagine, I was pretty excited (and nervous) to photograph her wedding. Wedding photography is challenging, but I think it’s even more so when it’s for someone that is close to you. I REALLY wanted to kick butt for this wedding and thank goodness I had an amazing team that day. Andrea Kelly and her sister, Alyssa, worked their tails off that day to help create beautiful images for this beautiful couple. This was also a particularly special day because my two girls, Ava and Addy, were flower girls. 🙂 I have so many favorites (and I already had to cut out like 25 others).


The ladies prepared for the day at Brandi’s parents’ house in East Hampton (where she grew up). I love the shot below of her something borrowed, old and blue.019Boissonneault150711

The flowers by Melissa at Stylish Blooms were classic and flawless.


This is definitely the first time a bride has asked to borrow my camera to take a few shots. 🙂029Boissonneault150711056Boissonneault150711

The wrap that Brandi wore was actually purchased separately at Anthropologie and totally made the ensemble. So vintage looking and gorgeous!


Brandi’s “something old” was her great-grandmother’s handkerchief.073Boissonneault150711

Brandi’s grandmother wore this sixpence in her shoe when she got married. It was brought back from England by her great uncle during WWII.


Who needs fancy goblets? Solo cups get the job done just fine. LOL!087Boissonneault150711090Boissonneault150711093Boissonneault150711095Boissonneault150711161Boissonneault150711165Boissonneault150711


Meanwhile, Andrea was at the Mitch’s friends’ house capturing some behind the scenes shots with the guys (or shall we say, collecting evidence?). 181Boissonneault150711183Boissonneault150711188Boissonneault150711-2190Boissonneault150711-2193Boissonneault150711-2232Boissonneault150711237Boissonneault150711


Love the DIY programs. Take the time to read them. They are hilarious!247Boissonneault150711248Boissonneault150711249Boissonneault150711254Boissonneault150711

Are they not the cutest flower girls you’ve ever seen? A huge thank you to my husband, Dave, for being Mr. Mom that day and getting the girls to the church on time!!256Boissonneault150711287Boissonneault150711291Boissonneault150711


Love this moment of Brandi looking at her mom before she gets handed off to Mitch. 300Boissonneault150711316Boissonneault150711320Boissonneault150711321Boissonneault150711

Ava is always ready for a picture. Wonder where she got that from?


We did it!367Boissonneault150711368Boissonneault150711371Boissonneault150711414Boissonneault150711449Boissonneault150711

She is a stunning bride! Love that smile.


What a crew! I loved photographing Mitch and Brandi’s friends. They were a fun group.466Boissonneault150711480Boissonneault150711

I can’t handle the cuteness.482Boissonneault150711486Boissonneault150711487Boissonneault150711489Boissonneault150711494Boissonneault150711-2



Mitch and Brandi wanted to do some of their portraits at Salmon River State Forest because as teens they hung out here a lot with their friends. Lots of memories and laughs here over the years.511Boissonneault150711516Boissonneault150711518Boissonneault150711521Boissonneault150711

They seriously look like they belong in a bridal magazine. Gorgeous couple!



So this is probably one of the cutest things ever…Brandi and Mitch’s first date was at the East Hampton Old Home Days Fair when they were teens. And their wedding just happened to be over the weekend of the fair. Of course they had to stop by and make a cameo appearance.557Boissonneault150711561Boissonneault150711562Boissonneault150711

Most of the details from the ceremony and reception were DIY by Brandi and her bridesmaids, proving that classy and fun doesn’t have to cost a lot!576Boissonneault150711581Boissonneault150711-2

The seating “cards” also served as bags for the guests popcorn and pretzels during cocktail hour. Love it!

Catering was done by Chester’s BBQ in Norwich, which was THE best BBQ I’ve ever had in Connecticut.


Instead of a traditional cake, the couple opted for a variety of home-made pies..made by who else but the bride and some of her family and friends.595Boissonneault150711-2617Boissonneault150711629Boissonneault150711633Boissonneault150711



This takes skill. 760Boissonneault150711781Boissonneault150711-2803Boissonneault150711-2824Boissonneault150711833Boissonneault150711836Boissonneault150711845Boissonneault150711848Boissonneault150711863Boissonneault150711864Boissonneault150711865Boissonneault150711



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