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MARRIED: Pat + Marissa

I met Marissa back in 2012 when I photographed two of her friends’ weddings. I was thrilled when she called in 2013 for a wedding consultation. You may remember Marissa and Pat’s shoreline engagement session from last spring…well, they tied the knot at the end of April. I had an especially healthy case of the butterflies (the good kind) for this wedding because it was the first one of the season and I would also get to see lots of familiar faces (two former brides and grooms and lots of their families and friends, who I will affectionately will refer to as “The Bristol Crew”). It was a beautiful wedding for two kind and loving souls. Here is just a little sneak peek into their special day…

The day started out at Marissa’s parents home in Bristol. I love this shot below of her parents’ wedding portrait with her bridal gown in the background. My partners in crime that day were Brandi Cross (associate photographer) and Kassandra Cartagena (photography assistant). Brandi met up with the guys at Pat’s parents house in New Britain (more on that later).


I love little personal details that we can capture, like this fabric from one of Marissa’s grandmother’s dresses that was sewn into her bridal gown. 0070SilvestroWedding1504240076SilvestroWedding150424

Here is Marissa reading a card from her hubby-to-be. Such a sweet, intimate and emotional moment that I feel honored to have been able to capture. 0096SilvestroWedding150424

The light was hitting her dress perfectly here. I love how it shows off the beading and detail in her gown. 0105SilvestroWedding150424

Time for Marissa’s “first look” with her Dad.0112SilvestroWedding150424

Love Dad’s smile and the reaction of Marissa’s friend and bridesmaid, Sara, in the background. Sara is one of our former J.Fiereck brides and members of “the Bristol Crew. 🙂


The ladies were troopers and withstood the wind and some chilly temps so we could capture some nice outdoor portraits.0159SilvestroWedding150424

We draped Marissa’s gorgeous, Cathedral length veil on her arm as the winds picked up.

Meanwhile, Brandi was capturing some great candid moments with the guys. Here’s Pat and some of his groomsmen looking on as the Ring Bearer makes his first appearance.0216SilvestroWedding150424

Such cuteness.

A sweet moment with Pat’s mother and her grandson. 0274SilvestroWedding1504240285SilvestroWedding1504240298SilvestroWedding1504240305SilvestroWedding1504240340SilvestroWedding1504240374SilvestroWedding150424

Pat watching his beautiful bride come down the aisle.0380SilvestroWedding150424

Yes, this shot is out of focus, but it is actually one of my favorites from the day. The blurriness to me gives it a dream-like feel or perhaps it’s looking through the teary eyes of a mother of the bride as her husband gives their only daughter away.


Brandi took this great shot of the church with the fisheye to show off the architecture and painted ceiling. 0404SilvestroWedding1504240410SilvestroWedding150424

Uhhhhhh-dorable. This is the son of one of our former J. Fiereck couples. Congratulations, Christine and Josh (also members of “the Bristol Crew)! You done good! 🙂

This is a (rare) case where the flashes from other people’s cameras and phones gave our shot a cool effect. 0585SilvestroWedding150424

I was like a kid in a candy store with this beautiful golden like coming through the church windows behind me.
(I think the wedding party thought I was a weirdo.)

Sweet, sweet light.0653SilvestroWedding150424

After portraits at the church, we stole the bride and groom for some more portraits at Aria.0662SilvestroWedding1504240665SilvestroWedding150424

Ya know, just hanging out in the grand foyer of our mansion. No big deal. 🙂0673SilvestroWedding1504240690SilvestroWedding1504240705SilvestroWedding150424-2

At every wedding, I try to do something different (a pose, background, lighting technique, composition, etc.) at each venue. I hadn’t utilized this space before and was really happy with the results. Thanks to Kassandra for helping with the lighting on this.

Cute shot of “the dads.” 0959SilvestroWedding150424

Thank you to my J. Fiereck ladies, Brandi and Kassandra.

Whatever they had at dinner, I’ll take one, too. 🙂

DJ Kurt spinning the tunes.1008SilvestroWedding150424

Here’s the happy couple with some of her bests.1025SilvestroWedding150424

Sweet candid moment during the beautiful chaos of the evening.1054SilvestroWedding150424

Congratulations, Pat and Marissa!

Ceremony Venue: St. Anthony’s, Bristol CT
Reception Venue: Aria, Prospect CT
Bridal Dress/Designer: Bliss Bridal, Cheshire CT/Allure
Bridesmaid Dresses & Tuxedos: The Wedding Embassy, Oakville CT
Florist: Jayne Eugene Florist, Terryville CT
DJ: DJ Kurt Entertainment
Cake: Modern Pastry
Make-Up: Forever Flawless/Brittany Monico


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